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I was starving for comfort food and ordered the mac & cheese & buttered noodles for take out. Excited to dive in I found the mac & cheese had 3 drops of sauce when I dug into the bottom of the bowl & 2 tablespoons of chewy cheese on top. The buttered noodles had zero...
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I liked
  • Customer service
I didn't like
  • Below poor quality of items ordered
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Ordered the steak stroganoff for lunch today. The total of my food came out to almost $10! Now given the fact that the steak is an automatic $2.75 up charge you would think it would be better quality... right? WRONG! The meat tasted like it was about 3 days old and had...
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Both my son and I felt our chicken was not completely cooked and it was very cold when it arrived at the table. I took it back to the counter, the cashier yelled back, "his chicken isn't cooked what should I do?" A woman came to the counter from behind the service...
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I didn't like
  • Cleanliness of resturaunt
  • Attitude of staff and poor service
  • Behavior f manager
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